Switching to Kubuntu over openSuSE

After giving openSuSE a try, I decided to switch to Kubuntu. So far it’s been a month or so since the switch, and everything I want works to the point that I havne’t booted into Windows once.

I ran into several issues with openSuSE and finally decided to call it quits when Company of Heroes 2, one of the few games I play, refused to work. When I contacted Linux support for it, the answer I got was along the lines “sorry, we don’t support this version of Linux.” My new Desktop Linux setup is not geared toward hardcore gaming is it was first intended when I built it, but I still want to spend some time gaming here and there. There were other issues, of course, mostly the need to download a specifically tailored software for something I needed.

With Kubuntu installed, I looked into installing windows on a VM. I ended up choosing Oracle’s Virtual Box for its better integration with the Linux Kernel (latest version) and indeed, it runs pretty well. Windows now is in a confined frame used for occasional downloads and remoting to computers at work - this completely satisfies any need I need out of Windows at this point. After a bit of a hardware upgrade which hopefully will happen soon, I wouldn’t even need to turn off the VM when I’m done.

The VM caused several “hijacking” issues of my keyboard and mouse, so I disconnected my KVM swtich and stored it away. Having a powerful desktop means my laptop is no longer in use unless I travel or need a backup. It still runs Manjaro and I think I will keep it this way.

I feel like my Linux setup is mostly complete at this point. My desktop (which I call Hedwig) is used for writing or productivity, photography and gaming.