My Regular Podcasts: 2021

One of the things that came back to me with my morning jogs is listening to podcasts. I’ve discussed how I download YouTube videos and podcasts before, and now I want to share the ones I keep getting back to.


  1. This Week in Tech: You won’t find scoops or complicated technical jargon here. Instead, you can expect interesting dialogue between people in tech media who discuss current mainstream events. For example, today I listened to the problems with big-tech lobbying (someone called it “legal bribery,” and I think that explains a lot) and why it’s harder to crack the whip on monopolies these days. The podcast is usually informative, fun, and easy to listen to.

  2. The Daily (NYTimes): Not always tech, the New York Times is exceptionally good at explaining how things work and why. I tend to cherry-pick podcasts I care about and save them. For example, a recent podcast discussed ransomware and why it seems to be so common today. They interview experts who give the kind of answers readers of this blog know already but don’t always know how to explain to others. Well, that’s what I think the NYTimes is good at. The background information you get here is also educational, and you come out with a more wholesome, historical viewpoint.

  3. Security Now: From the creators of This Week in Tech (TWiT), this podcast is more technical and aimed at those who deal with cybersecurity on a -free, so that’s fair in my eyes. With so many places online that push nonsense as privacy advice, this is a good place with information I found useful. The show gives somewhat of a paranoid vibe, so keep that in mind. Not everyone needs to go to the extremes Micheal is talking about, and he acknowledges it upfront.

  4. Darknet Diaries: This one’s mostly just for fun. This show usually has the host, Jack Rhysider, interviewing cybersecurity professionals from blackhat hackers to social engineers and pickpockets. He does it skillfully too, with background music and a good sense for storytelling. One good recent example was episode 92: The Pirate Bay, where one of the creators of the famous torrent website was interviewed and questioned how come the site is still up after all the attempts to shut it down (spoiler: Swedish law).

These are some of my frequent podcasts. What are some of yours?