Harmony of Tea and Coffee

I’ve been dividing my day into two parts recently: coffee AM and tea PM. Both have been giving me happiness recently, especially as the days get shorter and gray.

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The coffee ritual takes place around 06:00. I have three options to choose from: the regular “American style” drip coffee (Mr. Coffee), pour-over (Chemex), or espresso. I usually have two kinds of coffee beans: espresso roast and specialty coffee that I try out, usually with the Chemex.

Depending on how much time I have and what I had the previous day, I make a jug big enough for me and my two partners, so each one of us has at least one mug of beans juice. I usually don’t add milk to pour-over coffee, as I like to taste it clean and appreciate the flavor. Later I will use the same coffee in the Mr. Coffee and add just a bit of milk (usually almond milk, rarely oat milk, never cow milk) to top it off and chill it a bit.

I used to drink more coffee at work, but after a co-worker decided to stop drinking coffee, I got us “hooked” on tea. I also “blame” Alex Schroeder for my re-newed love of green tea. I know a good store in Manhattan that sells high quality loose leaf tea, so I collect the money and get us all a large bag that would last for about six weeks. I make the trip downtown myself whenever I’m out of supply of Lung Ching, my favorite tea, to replenish my own stash.

Around 19:00 (that’s 7 PM) my desire for a hot (never boiling) cup of green tea kicks in. I then sit in my armchair in my room, relax and concentrate on my breathing, halfway meditating, and go through most of the mug. This usually helps me re-focus my thoughts on writing in my journal, wiki, or for my blog.

My coffee and tea routines act as an anchor for my day. As time passes and I keep at it, these are two “seeds” in my day from which I can grow whatever branches of tasks and projects I want to do. It’s a good way to evaluate time and do something nice for myself. Of course, I can’t always have my coffee and tea. I tried to “make up” for those before by getting tea or coffee outside, but usually I end up disappointed. Besides, there’s nothing quite as making a good cup of tea or coffee for yourself.