Mastodon of Belonging

A typical Saturday morning. I open my eyes, carefully, because they’re dry. I need to use drops. That gets me to sit up, which means I can reach for my phone and check what’s new.

Since Thanksgiving, I’ve had notifications from Mastodon waiting for me every morning.

This morning it was an old Mastodon friend, Geroge Jones. George restarted his tech blog on a Raspberry Pi at home, complete with its own git service and everything else that is required. Ash, the person who started and runs, my intense (more on that soon), thanked me for a report I made of a spam-bot (or a spam-person, one of the same) last night. Yesterday it was Unfa, a maker of electronic music who uses only open-source/Linux tools, answering my pre-noob questions about the topic. There was Shom also, another wonderful human I’m getting to know through similar interests such as photography, food, and of course, Emacs.

I can keep going like that, reading from my notifications column on Mastodon for a long while. The community on Mastodon is a community like no other. My community.