Blogging from a Cafe

I keep trying to write shorter posts more often, and I keep failing. When I sit down to write, I think I have a few paragraphs ahead of me at most, but an hour later I have a whole article completed with referencing links and footnotes that I had to continue the next day.

Take today for example. I’m at a local coffee shop. I’ve been here for an hour and a half, trying to complete my posts about Librewolf, which have been several weeks in the making.

I installed Librewolf on my Desktop, so I decided to download it on the laptop, which I’m using right now. When it was time to install the extensions, I got stuck on KeePassXC, which requires special configurations for this browser. From there, I discovered that I installed KeePassXC using snap, which I don’t want to use anymore. I wanted to remove it and use apt installation instead. Then I discovered I have updates pending. OK, no biggie… unless you’re at a coffee shop with a spotty connection. And then it turned out my boot partition was full, and I needed to remove some of the old kernels…

So here I am, a sandwich, smoothie, sparkling water, and several failed updates later. Sigh.

For now, I will push this update. One of these days I will start blogging more often and say less. I swear.


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