Subtitles & MPV

I was playing around with subtitles for MPV with limited success. It seems the package this project relays on, Subliminal, does not work or is perhaps abandoned.

The idea is immediately appealing: navigate to your movie (using Dired, of course), and hit & on the keyboard (so you can otherwise still use Emacs) to open it with MPV (I discussed why MPV is awesome in previous posts), and have subtitles downloaded automatically to the language of your choice without hitting a single key.

The problem, from what I can tell, is that Subliminal reaches out to subtitle databases that are gone or blocking it out. That doesn’t surprise me, such websites come and go all the time. There is an option to integrate with, which requires registration. I haven’t tested this option yet.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with my mpv.conf. It has the option to save location upon exit, save-position-on-quit = yes, which only works if I write it in the first line. The other configurations I have “confuse” MPV and it can’t continue reading the files after. When I place save-position-on-quit = yes at the end of the config, it doesn’t work.

Here’s my mpv.conf after some trimming:

#save position when exisiting:






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