JTR is a self-made techie who works with humans and machines and enjoys interacting with both. He explores automation, privacy, and affordability in tech. As a result, he often finds himself tangled in the blurred lines between the real and the ideal.

He has broken his technology (this website included) many times and plans to keep honoring this break-and-fix tradition going forward. With whatever spare time he has left, he tries to self-upgrade as he attempts to lead a semi-healthy (and somewhat sane) lifestyle.

This blog is hosted on Micro.blog, An excellent blogging platform with a good blogging philosophy behind it. I also have a Wiki, made with TiddlyWiki.

I write because I want to, and I enjoy doing so. No one is supporting me, sponsoring me, or otherwise paying me anything to write or create or publish content. The goal is to keep things this way.

However! If you enjoy what you read here (or on the wiki) and feel appreciative, you can donate with Liberapay and tip with Ko-fi (button below). I do not need this money, I accept it as a gift. There are plenty of other folks out there who need your money more than I do, so please keep this in mind.

If you’d like to send an e-mail, I can be reached as jtr at the domain of this site.