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    @maique I read this before, and I loved it. Much truth in it.

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    @amerpie thank you for this. It helps framing it

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    @sergio_101 hmm, it’s a bit akward to wrap your head around. Can i help maybe?

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    @sergio_101 automatically posts to mastodon (and a bunch of other places like pixelfed and tumblr) if you let it. It also offers an option to post manually, giving you a text box to add what you want. I do a combo of both, depending on the length of the post

  • @bsag a good way to look at Emacs! I definitely agree as I go through a new cycle myself.

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    @amerpie oohhhhh... This looks nice!

  • @cygnoir not sure I got your email address right, so I'm trying here - can I please be added to the next analog list? I'm curious. Thanks much!

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    @amerpie added it to my bookmarks to read later, because this is a good topic. For now, quick technical question: did you write the two-line summary by hand, or did you create it automatically somehow?

  • @rscottjones Loved the opening 😁

    I settled on mb, but i have a process based on emacs that makes it very streamlined.

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    @amerpie if you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend. You can try for free (without entering a credit card at all) but you'll run out of searches quick - and using Kagi is a skill that takes some time to use.

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    @odd thank you :)

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    @paulw from all places, I like what 404 media did. Their biggest stories are free, and almost all can be read half way before paywall.

    No ads. Just a simple link to their why and how. 5 individuals that tremble giants like Facebook and OpenAI, among others.

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    @Dunk Anti web I know. But whats the indie web nonsense?

  • Yesterday I saw @amerpie has this to say:

    For better or worse, it takes a fairly technical person to get involved in blogging. A lot of the people I read are developers of some sort

    I feel like that wasn't true 10 years ago. Back then, all you needed to know was some basic HTML and a place to get some animated gifs, and presto, you got yourself a blog. These days you're either on WordPress or Tumblr (which are basically the same thing now) or Medium or Ghost or whatever other silo, or, you're a technical person that can code, at least to an extent. So in a way it's good that writing on the web is so accessible to many, but on the other, our content does not belong to us and we're just renting virtual space for our ideas and opinions.

    He says:

    I find it interesting to read about what people are making, although if a blog primarily consists of code blocks and inside baseball talk about the nuances of particular programming languages, I'm probably going to move on. Most people do a pretty good job at striking a balance

    That's something I find true also, and I should have pointed that out in my post from a few days ago. I do enjoy some tech, but not just tech. Tech is OK, but it's not as nearly as colorful as the different special life moments I read about between one tech thing and the other.

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    @Miraz excellent pictures :)

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    @Miraz thanks for reading my morning grumps!

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    @joelhamill at first I thought "this is not what I'm saying," but you got a point. I wrote it more as a person preaching than someone with an opinion, and while the post does have a bit of a "bite" I didn't want it to be strong to the point it takes away from the tip I wanted to share. Changed the post a bit, I think it conveys the point better. Thanks!

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    @todor there was actually a game i stopped playing because of product placement - death stranding. The monster drinks were over the top.

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    @vincent one of the ideas I had (and didn't follow through) is have a weekly recap in video or podcast. The idea was that the different medium will be more personal and include more comments, between the lines sort of thing.

    Not exactly good for logs, I know πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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    @kev lol I love your reply. 5 starts.

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    @ericmwalk what why and why now?

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    @jeremycherfas there are things I cannot unlearn, and one of them is how much of my personal information my phone is screaming at any one who wants to listen. So... Yep. Pretty much.

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    @numericcitizen nice, I just started doing a newsletter myself (an actual one that goes to your email) through microblog. Not sure if it's something to keep doing, but it's low friction and automatic. Your comments regarding "am I sharing too much" made me go hmm πŸ€”

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    @patrickrhone more then that, it was inspiring. I can see why folks would like to read what you write

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    @jtr Indeed.