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I don’t want my only “real” blog post to be about being sick, so here’s another quick update.

Feeling like myself today again, and besides the stuffy nose, things are good. The sun is out again, and I think it’s time to go out for a walk with my camera and enjoy the fresh air.

Yesterday I chatted with George and Adam about random technology things. It was fun in a way I was hoping it would: just three guys randomly chatting about a bunch of geeky topics. Of course, George and I tried to get Adam to see the light and join the #Emacs church, but all in due time. I’m sure Adam will come to the glory and light eventually.

The idea was to record and make this into a podcast. This seems like it could take off: we have the content, the schedule, and the tools. We just need to iron out a few things (like, where do we host the podcast itself? What good platform exists?) The coincidence that offers podcasting hosting didn’t escape me. I’ll look more into that.

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