Should I get an Apple Watch?

I’m trying out CoPilot (blame Wheezy Waiter for this). I discovered that my Fitbit Sense, which I got for free because my Ionic was recalled, doesn’t really integrate with Apple health.

This is not a big shock, especially now that FitBit is a Google toy, which they’re going to cancel sooner than later. What is nuts though is that after I connected my Sense to the iPhone, I wasn’t able to connect it back to my Android, no matter what I tried (including a factory reset). I tried to connect the Sense back to the iPhone and succeeded with no issues. Not only that, the sense downloaded firmware updates that seems like I was missing on the Android. There are a few features working now that weren’t fully working before.

This makes me think I should switch to an Apple watch if I want to keep up exercising and use a watch for payments etc (my bank information is on my iPhone).

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