Frustrations with fine-tuning CSS

I spent over an hour trying to fix a few annoying #CSS issues on the blog, and I give up for now. Certain changes I make seem to work the first time around but not later.

For example, I could specify I want links to have an underline (text-decoration: underline;). I don’t always see the effect in the preview pane inside, but I do see that in a private browser window. So I make an additional change, and… nothing. I switch back to text-decoration: none; and… links are still underlined.

This drives me nuts. You can’t change something if you get different results for the same copy-paste CSS code. There’s an option to reset the cache in Firefox, so it doesn’t do that, but it still doesn’t seem to work, and by this point, I lose track of what I’m trying to change.

Enough for now; I’ll try a bit more later.

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