#100DaysToOffload is not my thing, and that's fine

I was looking into trying out the whole 100 days to offload business. Everyone’s doing it, I have a blog, so I should do it, right?

I like the idea behind 100 days to offload (let’s call it 100dtol). The goal is to get people who always want to blog to just freaking do it already. In 100dtol’s own words: “Tell us about your dog, your cat, your fish tank, or whatever hobbies you have. Someone will find it interesting. Just. Write.” This is a good way to start writing, get into the habit, and hopefully keep at it.

But I’m not starting out. I’ve been writing in one capacity or another for the last 20 years or so. It’s a way of life at this point: I have to blog. I don’t know how not to write. The need to write the words you are now reading seems to make time for itself, no matter how and where.

You know something else? I’m also not that good at it. Sure, I’m better today than I was 5 years ago, but I’m just better at it than I once was. That’s all.

As someone who constantly has thoughts floating around in his head, figuring out which thoughts to catch, tame, and then let out to the world is a big part of the process. My way of writing doesn’t fit into the “just write” bracket anymore. This post you’re reading right now? It started out as an outline. Here, have a look:

This does not include editing (at least a few hours if not a day later), checking for errors, publishing, reading the live post, and cringing at the typos that somehow made it through. Oh no, there’s no “just write” anymore. I’m past that. it’s gone baby, I’m hooked. I’m a writing addict.

So with all due respect to 100dtol, which I do have, it’s not for me. And that’s fine.

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