This morning I wrote some of my thoughts down in my notebook:

This will not make a whole lot of sense to most of you, but you might recognize some familiar items, like’s photo challenge and notes about my wiki and my blog.

S3 is the name I gave to a project of mine a year and a half ago. The idea there was to put more of my “stuff” out there for people to see: my photos, my writings, and my videos. For the most part, this is more of a hobby than a project, and that’s exactly what I was after changing above.

Here are the highlights, explained:

New vid that will do S3

This has been the idea for a while. Instead of struggling with doing a video (on what? quality? PeerTube, YouTube?) that may or may not be a personal recording (which I call “jvid” for journal video), just do one video weekly. I will explain what I did during the week with my blog, wiki, photos, and videos. There’s always something to talk about. At the same time, it gives me practice in recording and editing videos. There’s no reason not to record more personal matters as well - I will get into that below.

Always do the vid

This is the spine of the project. Without it, it’s a “slug” thing that sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Doing a vid every week means I have something to lean on, something that holds this together. For now, that’s the goal: just keep on going.

Just do it, experience will come

Don’t worry about blabbing too much (or too little), and don’t worry about what is said. That’s what editing is for. Did I make a mistake? Fine, I can repeat myself and flash it out in the editing process. I can even do an “uncensored” longer version for personal things (which I do for myself when I have a lot on my mind, hence “jvids”) and upload an edited “public” version. Then I can save the original - highly compressed - vid for storage. This way I’d feel even more natural and I won’t don’t need to worry about what I’m saying too much.

The next video I do should probably explain all of this again…