I recently wondered if the folks on Mastodon who read my posts are aware of my Micro.blog blog. The answer is not really:

While not surprising, this was still somewhat discouraging.

My independent Mastodon account on Fosstodon is not set to automatically cross-post my content from the blog; I use my Micro.blog Mastodon account for that. I like to keep my Mastodon content separate from Fosstodon since both places have different communities and follow other interests. Another reason is formatting and hashtags: Micro.blog does not use hashtags (for a good reason, in my opinion), and formatting as well as the length of posts work differently.

What I usually end up doing is to reply to my Micro.blog Mastodon account with my Fosstodon one. This comes up on the blog as a footer with additional remarks that didn’t make it to the main post while also giving the option to use hashtags and converse with Mastodon folks directly.

The problem is that people don’t seem to make the connection that both of those accounts are mine. I presume some Mastodon folks find my blog through my Fosstodon account’s retoots, but I don’t know how many (tinylytics might come in handy here).

I’m considering re-posting some of my older posts on Fosstodon semi-regularly to point folks to my posts without trying to be too obnoxious about it. I do want more comments and discussions on my blog, but I don’t want to become one of those folks who chime into any conversation that might be remotely connected to something they wrote and point to some vague reference on a post I wrote a couple of years back. I unfollow people who do that myself religiously.