OK fine, I will also talk about the Apple Event:

  1. Oh, a USB C! Am I sure this is an Apple event?
  2. I love my camera, but having a 120mm and micro lens always on me? Tempting. The size though…
  3. Why are all these phones so BIG y’all?!
  4. This action button is a smart idea, but I can see how some folks (sorry Mom!) will have a problem programming and getting used to it.

And as usual, everything is so, so expensive, and somewhat “cold” and without a soul. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it feels more like a money-making machine than the old days of Ohh and Ahh. Maybe they should have some of their excited users on the stage next time after they tried the new stuff for a while? That’ll show some excitement and relatable real-world experiences 🤔

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