Stomach/head issues again

I spent most of my evening with a paralyzing head/stomach pain combo. I couldn’t do much besides to lay down and hope to sleep. I think the trigger was eggs, though I can usually eat them and be OK. I think it’s the combo of an egg and certain oils. I wish I had a better idea so I know what to avoid.

This is an issue I’ve had for years with different levels of severity with different kinds of food. I know, for example, that too much sugar will cause headaches, but not to this level.

I usually don’t eat a lot of fats (no red meat, little fired food, I eat cheese occasionally, on a single slice of bread), and I’m fairly active, so maybe there’s something about handling a lot of it (as in two eggs) at once? No idea.

Edit: 2023-09-14. 10:52: After an episode like this, as I was taught by Nat, one of the best things to eat is wholesome buckwheat, known as Kasha. It looks like this when ready:

a bowl filled with boiled buckwheat, with slices of reddish stuck in it with a bit of salt

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