The last week has been meh.

The weather makes me think I’m in London, even though I’ve never visited. It’s been endlessly gray, and I don’t remember the last time we had a sunny day.

There’s work. Nothing too bad in that department, but it’s been a lot of the same in different ways.

My insomnia has been hitting me hard this week, costing me two days of exercise. It makes me feel more like an ooze or jelly than a person 🥱, and I hope to make up for it today. I want to visit a local gym again, and if they work out their prices for me, maybe I’ll have a place to run again. I miss it, but not to the point of winning over the motivation to run outside in the cold and dump gray.

Even my journal is waiting for me to finish the last couple of pages so I can start a fresh Notebook (I finally got a Leuchtturm 1917) 📕, but there was nothing worth writing about.

I’ve made a couple of changes to my Emacs workflow recently (see the posts from the last couple of days; they are a bit scattered around). The biggest change is switching from weekly files to two project files, work and personal, and scheduling those for a range of days instead of a specific time during the day. So far, it’s been working quite well. I’m going through my Emacs settings again, and I think that maybe this time, I’ll finally get to upload it to GitLab to share with other folks. About time after what, five years now?

I do have a couple of ideas that I’m working on, but the meh kept getting in the way, you know?

Soup. My brain’s telling me I need to make some good hot soup 🍜. Not a bad idea.