Cory Doctorow doing what he does best: nailing it:

Pluralistic: I assure you, an AI didn’t write a terrible “George Carlin” routine (29 Jan 2024) – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow

We’re nowhere near the point where an AI can do your job, but we’re well past the point where your boss can be suckered into firing you and replacing you with a bot that fails at doing your job

Indeed. And:

It’s one thing to hear implausible stories of AI’s triumph from the people invested in it – but what about when AI’s critics repeat those stories? If your boss thinks an AI can do your job, and AI critics are all running around with their hair on fire, shouting about the coming AI jobpocalypse, then maybe the AI really can do your job?

The panic around AI and the generic, overbearing boycott doesn’t do us much good, either. AI is a tool. It can be used for bad, it can be used for good, but most of all - it needs to be used. It doesn’t work on its own.