I’m not one to celebrate birthdays—mine in particular—but sometimes it’s good to acknowledge good things, and last night was one such thing.

My partners and I went to a local Thai restaurant that serves good food and drinks. Sitting there with both of them and chilling, I realized we’d been together for about 13 years. It’s strange how things work sometimes.

NK was speaking of their job, and I thought of mine, how at one point in college I was told I’ll never be a writer and that I should give up, and then later on in my first year (or second, was it?) as an official IT guy, that I’ll never be good in IT so I should just quit. There was also the “it’s just a phase” kind of talk from parents and family when it came to non-monogamy and countless eyebrow raises and disapprovals.

I’m not that much of a rebel as much as I never cared that much what other people think. Or maybe I’m a glutton for punishment. Possibly both. Whatever it is though, I’m glad I followed what felt right then and now.

So here’s to all of us. Let’s keep doing what we like doing. 🥂