Welcome to part four of my rethinking and organizing with org-mode.

In the last part, I rediscovered org-achieve and the option to archive past events. Turns out this works well. Since the archive is an org-mode file, I can add options (like making it present pictures) and give it a user-friendly name. Here’s an example from an event I just blogged about. Looks pretty good, no?

The map is by the OSM package, and the screen capture with annotation is with Snaggit, which I use for work. You see it because I included #+STARTUP: inlineimages at the top of the file. The date breakdown is an automatic org-mode archive option I discussed last time. I use the tags to include people in events and at this point, also to note that I took photos (I don’t want to attach those because this will quickly eat up space - though I could just link somewhere else where I store them… 🤔)

Not bad. I like.