A pleasant surprise: a community garden at a local school on my evening walk. πŸ“·

    A little coffee shop comic πŸ“· anyone?

    A cluttered counter in a coffee shop with a jar of chocolates, a few stacked items, drawing on a piece of paper glued to a stapler and bulky sacks in the background.

    Lets go to the movies 🍿 πŸ“·

    A neon-lit sign reading Roxy Hotel adorns the entrance of a brick building with a picnic bench in the foreground, in NYC

    A walk in the park, at sunset πŸ“·

    Rhododendron, white flower in the foreground against many similar flowers in the background in sea of white

    On my way back, I always enjoy crossing east to west through Central Park. How can you not? πŸ“·

    I wooden bridge over a calm brook in Central Park. Green trees and grass, people walking about, beautiful spring day

    My morning sandwich is one slide of bread cut in half with vegan pesto, one slice of vegan Gouda cheese, one sliced cherry tomato, and Dijon mustard (Grey Poupon). πŸ“· πŸ₯—

    Auto-generated description: A plate holds a triangular sandwich with one slice of cheese and cut yellow cherry tomatoes on top of a bread slice spread with mustard.

    Washing it down with fancy Borjomi carbonated water.  A clear glass jar with embossed designs filled with carbonated water sitting on a kitchen countertop

    Today was a good day for a walk. I stopped for a sandwich from one of my local favorite stops, sat in the park to enjoy it with some water and cake, and continued to cross over the newly dubbed “we love you” bridge. πŸ“·

    a paved bridged with a tall fence on both sides; there are hearts made of metal hanging on the fence with a sign saying our community and the shadow from the sign casts the words we love you on the pavement

    Love me some hot sauce πŸ”₯πŸ“·

    Two rows of hot sauces in various colors on wooden shelves

    What a beautiful day today. It was the first real spring day for me: walking around in a t-shirt, smelling flowers everywhere (and sneezing), I captured a photo of these small buds:

    small pink buds on a branch. In the background, green grass and more flowers next to a path leading to a local museum at a park nearby

    April Photo πŸ“· Challenge 15: Small

    You shall not… Exit! This store. Nope. Not happening.

    April Photo πŸ“· Challenge 8: Prevention

    A suit of armor, a knight, holding a sord standing tall. An exit sign in the background with an orange cone.

    The foliage of April is not exactly that of October, but there were many of these

    April Photo πŸ“· Challenge 4: Foliage

    A sidewalk littered with thorny shells of some pinnut tree.

    Pick a monkey, any monkey… or an owl?

    April Photo πŸ“· Challenge 3: Card

    Three cards laying on a blanket: a Joke, an Ace and a King. They illustrate monkeys. A wooden box with an owl curved into it.

    An older photo from the archive of a… Hyacinth? Did I get that right? Right here at a nearby park

    April Photo πŸ“· Challenge 2: Flowers

    a zoomed-up photo of what is believed to be a Hyacinth

    Hmm I don’t know that I’ll do the challenge, but this was just looking at me, so…

    April Photo πŸ“· Challenge 1: Toy

    a game console controller resting on an orange cushion

    Snow at the shore πŸ“·

    Snow on the beach, a person walking against the sea in the background. Dark blue clouds are hanging above

    An NYC corner πŸ“·

    A tall building, trapozoid shape. its sharp corner faces the viewer, with a single column of windows going up. There are city streets on both sides of the building, with a yellow cab in front of the building.

    This morning, I finished my first written journal πŸ““ in around 20 years.

    I started writing in it in 2013 and at some point I switched full-time into digital journaling (it was TiddlyWiki at the time if you’re curious). I’ll probably start my next written journal at some point this weekend. Here’s a picture πŸ“· of it:

    a hand holding a closed Moleskine black notebook. It's spine has a lable on it: 2013-05-09 - with a break - 2024-02-01.

    Good morning πŸ“·

    A shelf against the window with a few plants, and glass jars. Cloudy city day in the background.

    A walk in the neighborhood with my camera πŸ“·. These photos came so different, it’s hard to believe the locations are minutes apart.

    Had a “photo itch” when I went to get coffee this weekend. Took the camera with me.

    Two pictures πŸ“· from around Bleeker Street, near Washington Square Park.

    A bar sign advertising prices for drafts and cocktails in colorful neon chalk. In the background, another shop's neon sign and a fire escape Minetta lane, off of 6th Ave. A red fire hydrant in the foreground, a street with puddles in the background, with lights from different shops further back
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