My Impressions of The Pixel 4a

I’ve received my new Pixel 4a a Friday before last and after a week I can say this with confidence: this is the best smartphone Google ever made. I also hope it will be the last phone I buy from Google.

Of Emacs and Rabbit Holes

I mentioned a “back to basics series for org-mod, but I got stuck. I thought this would be a good chance to record webcasts, especially for newcomers, but recording videos turned out to be harder than I thought for various reasons. I gave up for now, after almost 10 failed attempts.1 With this out of the way, I got pulled into another area of interest that seems to be everywhere in org-mode circles these days: Zettelkasten. Something clicked.

Keeping a healthy routine during COVID19

It’s been four months since COVID-19 started for me. I’ve been working from home, which means far less exercise than usual, especially with gyms closed in the city. Thankfully, I have a system that helps me to keep somewhat active, and today I want to share it with you.

Back to basics: org-mode agenda

Since I set up Elfeed to suit my needs, I’ve been following the org-mode community on Reddit regularly. Many of the questions I see there from newcomers show a rush towards custom-made packages or bits of code without awareness of the powerful built-in features org-mode ships with out of the box.

I want to start a short series of “back to basics.” I hope to show the philosophy behind the certain flow I use as well as the plain and powerful features.

CSS Updates

About some CSS Updates… and why I haven’t posted in the last two weeks or so. (Changes are now complete!)

Refactoring CSS

There’s a popular saying in IT: if you receive no comments about a project you just finished, you know you’ve done your job right. The latest commit to TAONAW is one of the biggest I’ve ever done, but I hope you’d barely notice anything.

Standing Desk

At first, I only noticed an increase in back pains. Then there was general restlessness that didn’t allow me to concentrate on long-term projects at work. There was a nagging feeling of “I miss something” coming from my body, not so much my brain. And then, one day at the office during my on-site duty, I pulled up my screen and keyboard to its standing position and it hit me: I need to stand.

Using Elfeed to View Videos

One of the things that makes Emacs stand out is its modes (or “plug ins,” for those who haven’t used Emacs before). The nature of Emacs being open source means that every mode is born out of a need. Nothing is “fluff.” Every good mode has a good reason to exist. The more people who have the same need, the more customized and refined the mode becomes. Indeed, some of these modes are more supirior than complete softwre packages, which often costs money.

Today I want to talk about Elfeed, one of these tools. Elfeed is better than any other RSS feed readers I’ve seen. The gif below will show you why:

Customizing a Theme for Emacs

What do you do when you are pretty comfortable with your Emacs theme and colors, but there’s one thing you have to change? You find the theme and you customize it to your liking. Here’s what I did.