Keeping the Focus

Reading information in Linux is a pleasure. There are no distractions. No auto-play videos, no splash pages begging me to click banners, no Chrome browser to take forever to load. With time, as I transitions to use Hugo and Org-mode to create my blog, writing has become a pleasure too. I didn’t achieve this distraction-free environment in one day, many changes slowly “grew” on their on. If you’re guessing Emacs has something to do with this, you’re totally right.

Leaving Privacy-Invasive Apps Behind

I take my office with me back home in my back pocket every day. In the morning It’s on a shelf on my desk as I get ready for the day, emails and chats buzz by before I take it with me again to the office. I want to put it to some additional good use on my quest to reclaim my private personal life, but it’s not that easy.

Getting Expendable Accounts

The amount of information we need to give out to Google or Apple (or Twitter or Facebook) to create an account is shocking, but you wouldn’t even notice. That is until you try to do so without a smartphone. This post is a summary of my experience trying to open alternate accounts that do not lead back to me in any way. Spoiler: this has mostly failed.

Back to Blogging

Sometimes there’s so much to say there’s nothing to say. At moments like these, it’s best to take a breath, a sip from your cup of tea or coffee, and… start from the end. So welcome to the new home of The Art of Not Asking Why,


When I started researching privacy more seriously, I didn’t know what I was looking at is the face of a forlorn, desolate path that seems to go nowhere. I picked it up as a challenge, and within a few days, it became clear that privacy is, unfortunately, a journey of hard sacrifices to make.

My XCFE Experiment Works Out

KDE’s Plasma desktop environment has been my go-to on whatever Linux distro I use: Xubuntu, openSUSE, Manjaro, and now Debian. As I keep favoring terminal and Emacs over GUI, Plasma desktop is becoming more of a habit than necessity. I decided to dump KDE altogether and give XCFE another try with a new laptop build. Here’s what I have to say after a couple of weeks.