The return of the blogroll

I wrote about trying out blogrolls last week, and the technicalities of how to customize blogrolls on are in my notes, in case you’re interested. I’m satisfied with how it looks on my archive page, and I want to create a dedicated blogroll page on the blog. But what’s a blogroll anyway?

Wikipedia explains it as “A list of other blogs that a blogger might recommend by providing links to them (usually in a sidebar list),” but I prefer indiweb’s explanation: “A blogroll is a list of other sites that you read, are a follower of, or recommend.” They have a dedicated page with more technicalities (follow the link above).

For me, a blogroll is a list of blogs (personal websites maintained by one person about their lives and what they do) that I visit often (I read every post they write or every other post) and publish content regularly (once a week at minimum). Popularity doesn’t really matter, though I find that most people I read regularly are pretty popular around these parts of the web: if you read my blog, you’re probably familiar with the “usual suspects” on my list.

In my opinion, that’s because these folks write often, and they write about interesting things. As a matter of fact, I have some form of undiagnosed dyslexia (I’m pretty sure of it), and I don’t remember people’s names easily. I’ve been following Kevin Quirk for months before I realized he’s actually one of the creators/admins of Fosstodon, believe it or not.

Right now I’m looking into creating a dedicated blogroll page on my blog. There are a few ways to go at this, and I’m asking around the support forum for some leads as well. We’ll see how it goes.

Helldivers 2’s So Big It’s Taken Over A Small Town

In a post to the Helldivers subreddit, the user—who goes by the username Kaleon—shares that they have bumped into people talking about Helldivers 2 all over the place. They have overheard everyone from the local butcher to their barista talking about the game, and apparently even seen a Helldivers bumper sticker in the wild.

This game is the biggest thing since WoW, if you’re asking me. It will get there. I am not sure why it’s that good and that addicting, but it is. Now if you excuse me, I gotta spread Democracy over here.

The issue I had yesterday with Elfeed-org is fixed. As it turns out, the parent headers for the feed have to be tagged with “elfeed” for the feeds to load correctly. It looks like this:

    * Blogs                                                              :elfeed:
    ** Blog 1 feed here
    ** Blog 2 feed here
    ** Blog 3 feed here
    * News                                                               :elfeed:
    ** News site 1 feed here
    ** News site 2 feed here
    ** News site 3 feed here

That’s all that was needed! Thanks again, takeonrules!

And here is what my RSS list looks like in action. It’s nice to sit back with a cup of tea (coffee is a morning thing!) during lunch break and see what’s up:

My morning sandwich is one slide of bread cut in half with vegan pesto, one slice of vegan Gouda cheese, one sliced cherry tomato, and Dijon mustard (Grey Poupon). 📷 🥗

Auto-generated description: A plate holds a triangular sandwich with one slice of cheese and cut yellow cherry tomatoes on top of a bread slice spread with mustard.

Washing it down with fancy Borjomi carbonated water.  A clear glass jar with embossed designs filled with carbonated water sitting on a kitchen countertop

Today was a good day for a walk. I stopped for a sandwich from one of my local favorite stops, sat in the park to enjoy it with some water and cake, and continued to cross over the newly dubbed “we love you” bridge. 📷

a paved bridged with a tall fence on both sides; there are hearts made of metal hanging on the fence with a sign saying our community and the shadow from the sign casts the words we love you on the pavement

Scratching my head at an Emacs issue: Elfeed-org doesn’t seem to load my feeds. I’m not sure why, everything looks OK. I have my and I have the path defined in rmh-elfeed-org-files and it does show the value it’s supposed to have.

Does anyone have a working config I can look at?

I’m playing The Beast Inside 🎮, and I’m at the point I hate the most about games such as these: running away from a monster you can’t kill but can kill you. And when you die, you have to start again from the last save point, going through the whole thing over again, giving up any progress you’ve made.

As I was rage-quitting this time (identified by mashing Alt+F4 and getting up hurriedly with a mumbled cursed in my native tongue), It occurred to me that this sad clichè game developers force on me is the real boss I have to face. Not just in this game, but in all the games of this genre.

“Heh, Maybe I should just play Alien Isolation then,” I muttered to myself, and then, rubbing my beard: “You know, this is not a bad idea…” by which I mean of course it’s a bad idea. A horrible one.

For those who haven’t heard about this game, Alien: Isolation is all about escaping a boss you can’t kill, and one of the biggest bosses as well: the Alien from the movie Alien (a Xenomorph). The Alien, which was praised for its AI in the game, has the ability to search for you by sight and sound (and smell?); it kills you in seconds if it finds you. There’s nothing you can do. The whole game is built around this principle. So, if I manage to win this game, games that only have a segment of this kind of annoyance like The Beast Inside will be a walk in the park.

Image credit: rockpapershotgun.

A Xenomorph from the movie Alien. Credit goes to rockpapershotgun.

Love me some hot sauce 🔥📷

Two rows of hot sauces in various colors on wooden shelves

You know what. This is not a bad way to ask for tips. I’m enjoying this.

Commander Keen is on Steam, and I didn’t know?! Hold my beer! Backlog shmaglog, this is one classic sonofamitch that needs replaying.…

I know I have only myself to blame: I spent 20 minutes writing a post in the web-ui, and I clicked the timeline button by mistake. Poof, the post is gone. No draft, not nothing. Is auto-save really that hard to implement?

Manual of Style and Blogroll notes

I’ve added two notes to my stash: blogrolls and my manual of style.’s blogrolls are already documented in the official help documentation, but I wanted to add my own experience and design aspect to that. Having a blogroll is a nice idea, and I’m thinking about my “rules” for those. For now, the blogroll is part of my Archive page, but I’m probably going to move it out of there.

The manual of style is something I have started to take more seriously for work and am now trying to implement across my notes on Gitlab as well. It is mostly based on the Microsoft Manual of Style, but there are some elements I have to come up with myself. It’s a constant work in progress that I will keep adding to.

Good morning..! I’ve been playing around with blogrolls on and learning how to customize those. Currently working on documenting that and adding to my notes, which I feel I neglected the last couple of months.

I’m trying out Carrot. While I like the idea and the details, it comes with a learning curve. For now I’m trying to figure out why it seems cursing is blocked on the phone even with personality turned to overkill. I’m grumpy and I need a grumpy app.

I decided to uninstall World of Warships again. It’s just too much of a negative experience playing multiplayer (among other things), especially when Helldivers 2 is such a good example of how to do things right.

iPhone gurus:

Do you know if there’s a way to view the “Significant Locations” list on a phone with SDP (Stolen Device Protection) turned on? I can see that there are 18 locations, but I see only the last one below. The only option I have is to clear this list and start again.

More post-Arc productivity tricks

One major attraction of Arc is its Spaces. Having more than one profile in a browser is not new (Chrome has implemented that for the last decade or so), but Arc offers more flexibility by not forcing you to sign into another account. In other words, a Space on Arc can be connected to a different user profile, but it doesn’t have to: you can have two visually different browser instances (Spaces) while still using the same Google account in the background.

I like the idea of having different environments for work and personal stuff, but for me, this always came to be also separate browsers: Microsoft Edge for work, Safari (or Brave on Linux/Windows) for personal things, and then I use LibreWolf for privacy, mostly around searches and social networks like Reddit, where I have several profiles.

This morning, I sat down to revisit the idea of launching specific browsers for specific URLs. It turns out there are good solutions when working on a Mac. I wrote about initial configurations in my notes, and I’m sure there will be more as I explore Velja more.

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I want to play Mass Effect (legendary edition), but the keyboard controls are a challenge. I have to play with an open browser: “How do you heal?” “How to crouch behind cover?” “How do you tell a squad member to use an ability on a given point?” feels like the game is intended for controllers.

The shows I'm currently watching

As more opinion pieces about the new Fallout show pop up, the more I want to watch it. I resist it because I’m already watching too many good shows. 📺

My current quick break show: Delicious in Dungeon:

Recommended by Nat, this is a weird but fun one. It combines two excellent things for a quick break: Dungeons and Dragons, and food. The episodes are short (around 20 minutes each), so this is good for a quick “mental snack” (sometimes combined with an actual one too).

My current sit-down-and-enjoy show: The Mandalorian:

This one’s not new, but somehow I haven’t heard about it until recently. I finished watching the first season, and I’m ready to start the second. This is the way.

Date night with NK show: X-Files:

This show needs little introduction. We started watching it together about two years ago, and we’re in season 6, after the movie. The show is great to re-appriciate; the complicated connection between Mulder and Sculley makes me appreciate the show today in a different way than I did when I watched it back in the day.

Vent & talk with Nat show: Blue Eye Samurai:

Unlike the obvious choice of X-files with NK, this one was more of a “let’s take our chances” show with Nat, as our Venn Diagram in terms of shows is a bit narrow. There’s much to like here: action, depth, violence, sex, friendship, and an interesting plot.

Hangout with Nyx show: Black Books:

The only show that makes me laugh harder than Black Books is The IT Crowd, which you probably heard of (and if you liked that one, I recommend Black Books). It’s beautifully sarcastic, takes place in a bookshop, with plenty of mentions of alcohol and cigarettes. Can’t go wrong there!

Maybe show: Fall of the House of Usher:

I want to like this show, but I can’t follow it enough. There are too many flashy characters with their own stories, a plot with a tricky timeline, and then there are twists and turns. I need to put work into this show (read synopses, write notes) to keep track, and while I’m OK with it sometimes, I don’t feel like it for this one. We shall see.

Looking forward to this one

‘Joker 2’ Trailer: Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix Unleash Bad Romance in Thrilling First Footage